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Transformational Breathing Foundation
Founder and developer of the Transformational Breathing.

Yoga Source-Santa Fe
Director Tias Little teaches Yoga as a process of refinement.

Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute

Ashtanga Yoga
Global link to Ashtanga related resources.

Adyashanti Gathering
A silent get-together for the Love of Truth.

Kevala Center
Worldwide health related directory that allows search by country and state

Yoga Poses
List of poses in Sanskrit and English with detailed step by step description.

Yoga Finder
Nationwide directory of yoga classes.

Yoga Directory
Directory of centers, instructors, yoga supplies, etc.

Worldwide Yoga Directory
Worldwide source of Yoga Centers indexed by country.

Yoga Site
Search engine of yoga related information and links.

Yoga International Magazine

Yoga Journal Magazine

Yoga for HIV/AIDS

Yoga 411
Find a teacher, find a studio, check out Yoga 411 magazine, and others goodies.

Surf and Yoga Experience in Maui for Women who follow their bliss.
An informative resource for all things yoga.

OmPass - Travel, Practice, Relax!
Helping yogis receive discounts at studios worldwide when they travel!

My Yoga Life
A source for yoga mats, yoga straps, yoga books and other yoga accessories.

Going vegetarian has never been easier
Order Yoga Books, Yoga Accessories, Yoga Audios, Yoga Straps, Yoga Meditation Mats, Foam Blocks and many other Yoga products directly from at reasonable rates.
Online Guide to the Practice of Yoga

Yoga Sailing Trips
Brought to you by Harmony Oceanic Charters






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