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  About Gaia Budhai

Gaia Budhai was born in Jamaica, West Indies and has lived in the US for the past 30 years. She does consider Jamaica her island roots and returns frequently to bring her work back home. At the early age of 18, Gaia began her voyage with the living arts through meditation under the guidance of her Guru Prem Pal Singh Rawrat. It was through this practice that her romance began with the deep opening of her heart and through the years Gaia has been committed and dedicated t the uplifting of herself and others. She considers herself an emotional, spiritual Health Coach.

Gaia is a highly respected teacher, guide, workshop leader and community builder. She is the founder of Synergy Center for Yoga and the Healing Arts, Miami beach's first yoga studio. Through her practice and study in the field of meditation, yoga, massage therapy, emotional release body work, Transformational Breathing, Trance Dance and primal theater she has synthesized her practice to include the essence of all these modalities as she continues to develop a unique, integrated approach in which one can live their life being deeply rooted, present, passionate and embracing all that we are in each moment.

Gaia is trained in massage therapy and bodywork from Educating Hands Massage School. She is a Certified Yoga Instructor and an E-RYT 200Hr. instructor registered with the Yoga Alliance. Gaia founded and is the Director of Miamiʼs well-respected Synergy Teacher Training Yoga Program. She has been a presenter at many conferences including the Omega Institute, The wise women weekend conference teaching Trance Dance, Transformational Breathing and yoga. She has been featured in numerous articles including the Miami Herald and Travel and Leisure magazine.

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“There are moments, if you are lucky, hours, in life where you transcend your limitations, physical and spiritual. Where you fly outwardly and inwardly. Thus describes my pleasure and honor of being in a yoga class taught by Gaia. She opened the window of yoga to me, where other teachers had tried. To this day I have only to think of hearing her voice, trusting her to lead, enthused to know I will eventually arrive at a place of my highest peace.  Gaia is truly an exceptional woman and leader and I will always treasure her as a gift in my life. Indeed, a gift that keeps on giving." -

Michele Gillen
Chief Investigative Reporter
WFOR-TV, Miami



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