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  Welcome to Gaia Living Arts

Living Arts is ALIVE, it’s organic and it's in this present moment.

Living Arts is a powerful, dynamic way of integrating all that we are through the exploration of our emotional, physical and spiritual self, through Trance Dance, Yoga, Emotional Release Bodywork, Transformational Breathing, Primal Theater and Meditation.

Honoring an Open Heart and Open Mind one shines and thrives.

Welcome to Living Arts.

Next Yoga Teacher Training Course
starts March 9 - June 10, 2013
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What is GaiaLivingArts?
Living Arts is a unique integrated approach to health and well being developed by Gaia Budhai.
tpixel Through the living arts one becomes fully present, more alive, and brings tremendous awareness to the life you are living. Restricted breathing patterns are eliminated through breath work. In the emotional Release Body work old repressed feelings, traumas, phobias and negativity are released. During Trance Dance one delves into a deep primal place ,letting go of the mind, ego and habitual patterns. Shedding all inhibitions, we allow ourselves to be moved by spirit which brings about higher states of consciousness, emotional and physical healing. Whether in a private session, groups, couples, families or children, Living Arts will assist in creating a personal transformational experience.
“Gaia embodies both the nurturing and transformative sides of Divine mother energy. She is loving, focused, committed and deeply rooted in her understanding and practice of yoga. Gaia is a great friend while an effective guide on the path working on all levels including the body, mind, breath and spirit. I have felt her effect on students and have seen the depth in which she touches and changes lives. Gaia is a gem and bright light full of devotion and dedicated servant of truth in its many forms.”
David Newman (Durga Das)

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